Tinting & Lashes

Beauty Therapists KentBrow and Lash Studio

Eyebrow tint £8
Eyelash tint £10
Lash & brow tint £15

Eyebrow styling
Eyebrow styling £6
Eyebrow wax £8
Shape & tint £14

Lashes Neouvo Contour/Lash be long
Strip lashes £6 (complimentary application)
Cluster lashes £30
Individual lashes £45
Eyelash perm and tint £23
Glitter lashes POA
Swarovski crystal enhancements POA

Patch test required 24hrs prior to some eye treatments.

Look 10 years younger! Perfectly groomed lashes and brows frame your eyes and can even have a lifting effect creating a more youthful look. If they need thinning out or filling in our experts can pluck, wax, tint, perm, enhance or tattoo them to perfection.

An instant transformation from ordinary to extraordinary.