Beauty Therapists KentThings you need to know about your skin.

Moisturised skin holds fragrance
Dry skin works like a sponge, absorbing everything, where as oils in well-moisturised skin capture and hold scent on the surface. Layer a scented moisturiser over the top to lock in scent.
Frederic Malle, perfumer

Skin needs help all year round
We cover up and neglect our bodies most of the year. We should use exfoliators, creams and oils all year round. British weather often means we over look the body prep. Refer to our Italian or French neighbours, who really do look after the entire body on a daily basis.
Anastsia Achilleos, celebrity facialist

You should be using an antioxidant
Topical antioxidant are a must for anyone in their twenties to keep at bay signs of ageing that start in early thirties. Antioxidant serums can be used as a preventative measure.
Dr Adam Geyer, Kiehls dermatologist